September 11, 2017

COAD speed door in food industry



COAD-1 is in Daeho (food industry)

COAD speed door is not fixed size. 
Experts of COAD visit factory and measure the size of space for free. 
After that service, COAD produces speed door only for that space. 
Therefore, COAD speed door is perfectly sealed in the space without gap. 
This industry installs in different spaces. 
With diagonal brush on the rail and bottom sheet, 
COAD door blocks the inflow of outside objects.

Customer could decide any sensor to be fitted in their space. 
This industry chooses remote control
It could manage more than six door by using only one remote control. 
Thus, employee becomes convenience. 
In case that customer wants to open the door only for vehicle or forklift, 
COAD suggests loop sensor
It detects metal objects of it and activate the operation of door. 

The sheet of COAD speed door is double layered structure and SOL screen coating
So, the sheet of the door is durability from water and impact. 
Moreover, customers could select the color and type of sheet by their preference. 
This industry gets orange and transparent sheet. 
Orange is bright and sanitary feeling for people. 
Additionally, employee could prevent the unexpected collision
 between door and people through the transparency.

COAD speed door is made by Aluminum
The aluminum is high-strength and water-resistance rather than steel or stainless. 
Thus, customers use the door in long term without any complaint. 
Moreover, the rounded shape prevents the buildup of the dust on the drum cover 
so the food industry maintains the working condition be clean. 
COAD produces speed door for customers.