September 07, 2017

COAD rapid door in automobile repair center



COAD-1 is in Singuang (automobile repair center)

COAD has different models of rapid door. 
This customer chooses COAD-3. 
Mostly, COAD-3 is installed in the place 
having heavy movement of forklift or vehicle 
because it is self-recovery model
Even if vehicle hits the door, 
COAD-3 is possible to replace the door in original condition. 
Moreover, the sheet is flexible structure 
so driver and vehicle would be safety from collision. 
Save repair cost and be safe.

COAD rapid door has double effects for the company of customer. 
COAD rapid door blocks the space from outside 
and COAD prints words and logo on the sheet 
to promote the company or product. 
The skill of printing is intaglio. It is durability from water and light. 
This station requests the name of the repair center 
and words which is "Push the switch to open the door". 

The sheet is customized by the requirement of customers
The color and type of sheet is diverse for them. 
This place gets blue and transparent sheet. 
Repair center and manufacturing plant decide blue a lot. 
Choose any color for your own door. 
In case of type for sheet, 
transparency prevents unexpected collision between employee and door 
because employee could see the opposite side through the sheet. 

The size of rapid door is not fixed to be fitted in any place
Thus, experts of COAD visit the place 
and measure the size of space for customers in free. 
After this service, COAD produces rapid door for that space. 
Therefore, COAD rapid door is completely sealed in the space without gap. 
Moreover, COAD-3 is zipper type so it blocks the inflow of outside objects.