September 07, 2017

COAD high speed door in car wash station



COAD-1 is in KFCC (car wash station)

COAD high speed door is with diverse versions for all place. 
This station chooses COAD-1. 
This model is fitted is car wash station because it has wind bar. 
The wind bar grasps each sheet on the rail 
and prevents the separation of sheet from strong wind. 
The car wash station uses lots of water and dryer. 
Thus, COAD-1 is durable in this space. 

COAD produces the door for only specific space. 
Experts visit the place and measure the space for free. 
This service is to make the door be fitted in the space without gap. 
Moreover, COAD puts diagonal brush on the rail and bottom sheet. 
Those blocks the inflow of outside objects. In addition, the frame is by aluminum. 
This is high-strength and water-resistance. 
COAD high speed door is used for long-term with customers.

The color and type of sheet is chosen by customers' requirement. 
This station gets blue and transparent sheet. 
Blue, orange and gray are normal selection. 
Transparency prevents the unexpected collision 
because drivers could see the opposite side through the sheet. 
If climate is in tropical or summer, COAD suggests mesh type. 
It is well ventilated between outside and inside temperature. 

The loop sensor is installed in the place 
having lots of movement of forklift or vehicle. 
It detects the metal and activates the door automatically. 
The speed door in car wash station is used for vehicle. 
Thus, the loop sensor is fitted. 
If customers want to open the door for both person and vehicle, 
infrared sensor is suitable. 
This sensor accepts the motion of both and operates the door.