August 30, 2017

COAD speed door in car wash station



COAD-1 is in car wash station

COAD speed door has various models to be fitted in different location. 
This industry chooses COAD-1
This model is durability from water and wind because it has wind-bar. 
The wind-bar captures the each sheet on the rail 
and prevents the separation of the door. 
In addition, the edges of wind-bar are placed with wind-lock system 
to hold the sheets once again. 

The sheet of speed door is customized by customers. 
The color and type of sheet is diverse 
so they could get the door for their preference. 
This station decides orange and transparent sheet. 
The orange is worth in this location 
because the effect of it is bright and clean image for people. 
Transparency prevents the unexpected collision 
because drivers could secure the situation of opposite side. 

COAD produces speed door by Aluminum
As compared with steel or stainless, 
the aluminum is water-resistance and high-strength. 
Other competitors use those materials 
because they want to reduce the cost of raw material. 
But, it is easily transformed by impact. 
COAD makes speed door for customers' need. 
Therefore, customers use the door in long term without any complaint.

The size of speed door is not fixed because the place is diverse. 
Thus, COAD produces the door after experts measure the size of the space. 
For this reason, speed door is completely fitted in the space. 
Moreover, COAD installs the diagonal brush on the rail 
and bottom sheet to prevent the inflow of outside objects. 
Customers could block the industry from outside with the door.