August 28, 2017

COAD high speed door in gas station



COAD-1 is in gas station (car-wash)

COAD has diverse models of high speed door to be fitted in any places. 
This customer chooses COAD-1
This model has wind-bar
It captures the separate sheet on the rail 
and protects the breakaway of sheets from wind. 
At the edges of wind-bar, 
there is wind-lock system to hold sheets once again. 
Thus, COAD-1 is durability in the car wash station. 
Moreover, if customers want to exchange the sheet
they change it by themselves. It saves the cost for calling experts.

The sheet of high speed door is customized by customers
This industry chooses gray and transparent sheet. 
In normal, customers decide orange, gray and blue color. 
The transparency prevents the unexpected collision 
between employee and door. 
In addition, the sheet is double layered structure and SOL screen coating
Thus, COAD high speed door is fitted in car wash station. 
The sheet is strength from water and impact so it is durable. 

COAD high speed door is made by Aluminum
The aluminum is high-strength and water-resistance. 
This station uses lots of water and cleanser. 
In case of competitors, they make the door with steel or stainless. 
Those materials are weak on this situation. 
That is why COAD decides aluminum for high speed door. 
Moreover, the frames are round 
to prevent the buildup of dust on the drum cover.

COAD produces high speed door after experts measure the size of the space. 
Thus the speed door is completely sealed in the space without gap. 
This is the reason COAD does not pre-make the door. 
Moreover, COAD prints words or logo on the sheet for marketing or notification. 
This customer requests to print the words which is the order of car-wash. 
The technology of printing is intaglio so it is durability from outside impact.