May 01, 2017


COAD-3 is recovery model.


COAD-3 is usually used in the industry to use forklift and vehicles. 
When the forklift collides head-on the high speed door, other high speed doors break down. 

However, COAD-3 has self-recovery system. 
COAD's the patented technologies, "TOOTH" is perfectly sealed and powerful for a strong wind.
So even if vehicles pass the un-opened door, COAD-3 does not get the damage of the unexpected collisions.
The usable period of the high speed door could be extended rather than others.

Moreover, COAD-3 customizes the sheet by customer's needs. 
Transparent sheet is visible sheet to help the forklift or vehicle passes in and out the industry. 
Thus employees prevent accidents and feel convenience to see the reversed side.

COAD use the sheets of double layer structure.
The reason why COAD selects the double layer structure is durability. 
Thickness is suitable to maintain weather conditions and the fixed shape of the door.

The maximum size of the high speed door is enough to use general industries. Customers also choose the size to be fitted in the space.

If the industry already installed PVC strip curtain or sliding door, COAD-3 could be installed in that situation. Thus customers could have double door (the original and COAD high speed door). 
It helps security and prevent more outside materials.